AI Changes How Brand interact With Customers

ai change
  • Market brand with
  • Storytelling, Immersion,
  • Memorability, Personalization
  • Visualization

Turning the brand story into gamified, experiential 3D world. Providing a personalized experience for customers in the most resonant interactive way,making the brand story immersive.

Branded world

Fill the virtual world with brand elements and narratives. Enhance users' understanding of the brand through interactive and gamified experiences.

branded world


A variety of brand events, including parties, movie screenings, and concerts.


Brand stewards

Create your brand's avatar to enhance user memorability

brand stewards

Create as easy as poster

By using natural language, skip the extensive manpower and uncertainties associated with the traditional approach, going directly from creativity to content.


I need a game which based on a shoes story, where you give me options (A, B, C, D) as my choices. The scene is harry potter magic world background.

Constant updating & unlimited story

No more fixed game stories and linear content experiences.

Let users continuously explore and evolve within the branded world.


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