Support animal AI NPC & Animation

Date 2023.8.5
Product, Feature
1 min read

Shake, Shake! Our New Feature Update Brings Adorable Animated Animals
We're excited to announce a fun new feature coming soon to OpenCoord - animated animals! As we continue expanding our AIGC Asset Library, we now have over a million assets with diverse art styles to empower AI creation.
Previously, we brought expressive humanoid NPCs into the mix to make your game worlds feel more alive. But what's even cuter than people? That's right - animals! From pets to companions to fantastical creatures, animated animals add a delightful new layer of interactivity.

Every animal will come with a set of motions like walking, jumping, idling, and more. You'll be able to integrate these into your games seamlessly. Just imagine the possibilities - set animal sidekicks bounding alongside the player, add futuristic alien fauna to populate your sci-fi planet, or have adorable pets following your characters around.

The animation potential is endless. We can't wait for you to get your hands on these and see what fun stuff you create. So get ready to shake, shake - the update will be here soon! With these animated animals, you can breathe new life into any game world. Stay tuned for more details!