Bridging Mental Health Gaps for Gen Z Through a 3D Experience

Date 2022.12.6
2 min read

Supporting Gen Z's Mental Health Through Virtual Worlds

Today's Generation Z faces unprecedented challenges that are taking a toll on their mental health. Studies show high levels of stress, anxiety, loneliness, and uncertainty about the future. As a platform empowering young creators, OpenCoord wants to leverage our technology to be part of the solution.

The Mental Health Landscape for Gen Z

Recent surveys illuminate the crisis Gen Z is facing:

  • 43% rate their mental/emotional health as poor
  • 55% say their mental health has declined in recent years
  • Top emotions are stress, anxiety, loneliness, and uncertainty
  • 35% still see mental health issues as a sign of weakness
  • 40% believe the focus on mental health is just a passing trend

With many feeling hopeless and unsure where to turn, there are clearly gaps that need addressing.

How Virtual Worlds Can Help

Creative online spaces like OpenCoord are uniquely positioned to support Gen Z's mental health needs. Our 3D worlds and AI tools can provide:
Belonging Through Shared Interests
Multiplayer worlds let players bond over common interests like gaming, art, music, and pop culture. These social connections are vital for wellbeing.
Self-Expression and Identity
Our advanced avatar and worldbuilding tools let Gen Z represent their identities and express themselves.
Escapism and Relaxation
Immersive game worlds provide much-needed distraction from real-world stresses. Calming environments can also promote relaxation.
Positivity and Inspiration
Young creators can spread joy, kindness, and encouragement through their own vibrant, uplifting worlds.
Trust and Safety
Responsible moderation, reporting, and mental health partnerships create trusted spaces for authentic connection.

OpenCoord's Commitment

We take our role in Gen Z's lives seriously. That's why OpenCoord pledges to keep improving in key areas:

  • Partnerships - We'll collaborate with mental health experts to enhance our approach.
  • Policies - We'll craft supportive policies on self-harm, safety, and community.
  • AI Moderation - We'll aggressively remove harmful content with AI assistance.
  • Feedback - We'll keep listening to our users to meet their evolving needs.

By fostering human connection, creativity, and safety, we aim to make OpenCoord a trusted space for young people facing mental health struggles.