Turn ideas into 3D World with AI

OpenCoord develops large scale AI system to turn text into 3D world.

3D world

Build Immersive 3D world

For Games • Metaverses • VR • Education • TV & Film • Publishing and beyond

Our approach

Text to World

  • Natural Language input

    Support different length text input, from simple concepts, intricate novels to detailed instructions.

  • 3D-Reasoning Engine

    AI breaks down the story into interactive content, producing a corresponding 3D world based automatically.

  • 3D assets library

    Integrate the AIGC + UGC model asset library to collaboratively generate unique worlds.

Input Text


I want to build an “After Apocalypse” city with open nature

Output World
generate unique worlds


Decompose Input story intoGame design & Elements

  • Supernatural theme

    “Earth was devastated, 100 space residents were sent to a planet to test whether it's habitable.”

  • Adventure theme

    “In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, a survivor finds a portal gun”

  • Fantasy theme

    “A mutated monster hunter, protects a girl with Elder Blood and foresight super power.”

Programming & Game Logic

Level Design

level design

Character Design + AI NPC

Character Design + AI NPC

Graphic and Art

  • art house
  • art npc
  • art environment

AI designer brain based on the artistic style of the input, selecting and design the style of the output world. Based on the spatial design principle, generate various world elements, including but not limited to dynamic weather, terrain, wildlife, wind, sound, texture, post-processing and more.

Bring AI world alive with AI NPCs
npc numerical value
  • watch

    Adaptive Learning

    Each AI-NPC possesses a unique personality., judgment capability, and memory, continuously learn and evolving within the environment.

  • id-card


    AI NPC showcase personalities through behavior, speech, movement based on it’s background, goal setting, emotion and memoris.

  • target


    AI-NPCs, akin to auto vehicle, possess various sensors for environmental awareness. They use data to make informed decisions and take actions.

APIs & Integrations

Deploy to an existing workflow with one click

Create once and distribute universally through integrations with popular game engines and applications, enhancing your workflow efficiency and lowering production costs.

apis design
  • unity
  • unreal
  • sdk

Create, Play, Social with AI

A user friendly application for individual users which features AI create, social and content experience. Converting story, novels into “Westworld”.

phone app

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